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Getting the most out of your TAP-5

Getting the most out of your TAP-5

We recommend that you use the same button layout in each room, even if a room does not have any secondary functions such as blinds and music - simply leave the buttons unconnected - you never know what you might want to add in the future.

Having flexibility is the key to future proofing your smarthome.

All TAP-5 buttons support multitouch, and we recommend that you use the middle button to control your lights with the following functionality: 

Single-Click: Cycle between your customized lighting scenes.
Double-Click: Turns your whole room off, including lights, music, HVAC…
Triple-Click: Turns your whole house off, including lights, music, HVAC…

The four corner buttons can then be used to control the other automated functions of your home such as music and blinds. If you just wish to control music then you could add extra controls such as play/pause, instead of blinds up/down. 

If you want to get advanced then why not add some extra controls to the play button using double and triple click (same as apple headphones)

Single-Click: Play
Double-Click: Skip Forward
Triple-Click: Skip Back

Connecting the TAP-5 to Loxone Miniserver

Connecting the TAP-5 to Loxone Miniserver

The TAP-5 connects to the Loxone Miniserver or Loxone Extension using a CAT cable. The striped CAT cable pushes directly into the back of the TAP-5 with the push-fit connectors, and is then terminated directly into the Loxone digital inputs.

If you want to measure the temperature of the room simply connect the 1-wire temperature sensor to the Loxone 1-wire module. The temperature sensor is powered by a small power supply inside the TAP-5 for reliability and it should therefore be wired as if it was separately powered. The GND should be connected to GND and the "Temp" output of the TAP-5 should connect to DQ input of the Loxone 1-wire module.

Remember that the Loxone Air Extension has a 1-wire input built in as an alternative to a separate Loxone 1-wire module. A single Loxone 1-wire input can be connected to upto 20 temperature sensors. The TAP-5 supports wiring in parallel and this is useful when you have two switches that have the same functions, for example two switches either side of a bed.

We recommend connecting the TAP-5 via the Loxone Tree bus see: Using a Faradite TAP-5 with Loxone Tree