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Brushed Antique Brass keypad for smart home


In a truly memorable interior environment, every detail is important, and as an item that is not only seen but is also interacted with on a daily basis, a lighting switch or keypad is an essential part of any good interior design project. The TAP-5 ORE keypads, which feature some amazing technology, are also a stunning design feature, with solid 8mm brass beautifully hand-finished in the UK. In a previous blog we have looked at some styling ideas for the Brushed Brass keypad, today we will be taking a look at the Brushed Antique Brass finish which has an entirely different aesthetic. 

Brushed Antique Brass will suit the homeowner who likes a space with character and personality. The strong contrast between the lighter brass tones and the darker brushing gives the effect of a beautifully matured product, with a life and story of its own. This keypad will be at home in a space filled with wonky wood pieces, natural materials like stone, leather and linen, and wild and wonderful plant life. While there are many colours that compliment the antique brass, embrace natural materials and textures to accentuate the aged golden patine of the Brushed Antique Brass finish.

Brushed Antique Brass moodboard for interior design

There is a huge variety of antique brass hardware and accessories available as this finish has become increasingly popular over the past few years, a favourite of ours is the Digbeth Ridged Cabinet Handle in the satin antique finish by Armac Martin. With loads of texture and visual interest this handle will fit in perfectly with all of the same finishings and aesthetics we have just looked at while bringing loads of personality of its own into the room.

Interior design brushed brass handle

No room is complete without some stunning lighting fixtures to match the other hardware in the space. While overhead lighting is an obvious must, wall lighting features can bring a lot of interest and a new perspective into the environment. This Flume Wall Light from J. Adams & Co. certainly fits the bill with a subtle nod towards the art deco era while still maintaining a classic aged look. 

Antique brass wall light design

Lastly, matching all power outlets to the keypad adds that final touch that will make the home feel truly complete. We would recommend sourcing these directly from Focus SB who offer a highly stylish range of products and have worked with us to be able to offer a range of power sockets that match the Faradite ORE finishes exactly.

brushed antique brass sockets for interior design

There are of course hundreds of design choices that need to be made for each home or hotel with so many fixtures, fittings and room dressing decisions to be made. The antique brass finish can be incorporated into furniture, decor items, and so much more, but this blog will give you a starting point to work from and some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. 

If you would like to find out more about the TAP-5 ORE Brushed Antique Brass you can see the full product details on our website here, or if you would like to view the finish in person you can purchase the ORE Swatch Sample Case with samples of all four ORE finishes.


Note: The lighting fixture and handles mentioned in this blog are not exact matches to the Faradite finishes but are simply items we believe may visually compliment our products.