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Brushed Brass keypad for smart homes


The TAP- 5 ORE keypads are not just powerful pieces of technology, they are stunning decorative items and form an essential part of the room's aesthetic. Carefully designed with style as a key consideration, blending the timeless and luxurious 8mm brass with a modern, chic 5 gang layout. They are available in four unique finishes, each one hand finished to bring something special to a wide variety of interior styles. If you are considering installing our Brushed Brass finish, this styling guide will help you envision the look and feel of the space and plan some of the other accessories that will create a cohesive design.

The Brushed Brass finish exudes warm golden tones and pairs beautifully with deep blues and greens. Clean and modern lines with a strong traditional influence complement this finish, bringing together a stunning blend of aesthetics that feels contemporary and comforting. Using soft finishings like wood and fabrics sparingly while leaning into materials like stone and glass will beautifully balance the very warm tones of the brushed brass.

Interior design brass switch moodboard

A brass light fitting will truly bring together those golden accents in the room. A warm light will create a stunning reflective effect on the brass, creating a warm glow to beautifully illuminate your space. Some products that we have discovered that might work nicely alongside the brushed brass TAP-5 ORE include this stunning Talia Pendant from Heathfield & Co. that will add a touch of elegance and understated glamour to the space.

Brass interior light feature

We would recommend fitting all doors with brass handles to compliment the keypad. Avoiding heavily embellished designs will provide a more cohesive overall look with the keypad, going back to those clean and modern lines. A lovely example of this is the Brass PLANE Door Lever Handle from Plank Hardware. The simple design of this handle allows the material and the gorgeous finish itself to be the standout feature of the product. 

brushed brass door handle for interior

Finally, matching sockets and other outlets will elevate the entire room and add that little something extra that shows every detail has been carefully considered. For sockets and wiring accessories in the exact matching finish as your Faradite keypad, Focus SB have got you covered. Working closely together, Faradite and Focus SB have collaborated so that they are able to offer a range of their products in the matching Faradite finishes.

Brass sockets for smart home

While this styling guide will have provided some guidance and inspiration, your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to styling the room and there are so many more ways to make this gorgeous keypad a standout feature in a space. If you have not yet decided exactly which finish is going to work best for the space you are designing, our ORE Swatch Sample Case contains generously sized samples of all four ORE finishes, perfect for matching to other materials and accessories and for taking along to all your design consultations.


Note: The lighting fixture and handles mentioned in this blog are not exact matches to the Faradite finishes but are simply items we believe may visually complement our products.

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