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An introduction to our powerfully intuitive Smart Scene plate functionality

An introduction to our powerfully intuitive Smart Scene plate functionality

In January, we were proud to introduce our range of TAP-5 ORE keypads to the Faradite range. Crafted from 8mm solid brass, and hand finished in the UK these keypads exude elegance and those who have seen our range of TAP-5 ORE keypads first hand have been captivated by the sheer visual allure.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and fashioned from solid 8mm brass, the aesthetic appeal is simply undeniable. While the standard of the finish is a vital part of what makes ORE so special, we have put a huge amount of work into the KNX functionality of the keypad. With ORE, beauty is certainly more than skin deep and over the coming weeks we are going to look in detail at what the TAP-5 ORE KNX can do (as well as looking gorgeous obviously).

First up, we want to introduce and explain what we are calling ‘Smart Scene Plate’, a configuration option that offers an intuitive, intelligent scene controller for the user.

Essentially, the smart scene plate operating mode allows the central button to always act as a room toggle on/off. As the central button is the largest, most obvious button on the keypad, even the uninitiated will instinctively start here, and with each interaction, the room will respond in an intuitive and understandable way. The central button can be configured to always bring on a specific scene, or it can be configured to bring on the previously active scene.

The outer 4 buttons are then commissioned to provide discreet triggering of lighting scenes in the room. For example, the top left for our ‘Relax’ scene, top right for ‘Movie’ scene, bottom left for the ‘Reading’ scene and the bottom right button for the ‘Bright’ scene.

Furthermore, if the corner button of a currently active scene is pressed, it will turn the room off. This means every interaction with the keypad will make a change to the room state, avoiding the confusion of a button press that does not do anything in the room.

The Feedback LEDs we have included in the TAP-5 ORE KNX provide visual status feedback to the currently active scene. There is customisation available here where integrators can configure the colour of the active scene feedback LED and the inactive scene feedback LEDs. We will look in more detail at the feedback LED option in upcoming blogs.

The robust day/night parameters within ETS empower integrators to distinguish between the initial scene activated during daytime and night time presses, enabling enhanced customization and versatility in lighting control setups.

The smart scene plate operating mode can be set up as 4 scenes or 2 scenes with the left or right hand buttons reserved for blind control. This is great in rooms where shading and lighting scenes are to be controlled.

Smart Scene Plate also allows us to communicate the keypad functionality in our marketing, providing specific examples on how homeowners can interact with their smart home. When offered almost endless keypad control options, it can be hard for the homeowner to choose functionality, which in turn makes it very hard for the Integrator to deliver consistent and intuitive control, which in turn can lead to endless projects which never reach sign off. With Smart Scene Plate, the homeowner is offered a clearly defined, intuitive keypad configuration from the very first time they see TAP-5 ORE.

Check out this short explainer video of Smart Scene Plate:

Of course, when the project demands, the keypad can be commissioned as individual buttons providing all the KNX data types integrators would expect of a market leading keypad. But in most cases, we believe Smart Scene Plate offers users an intuitive, simple, and enjoyable way to interact with their homes.


If you want to discuss Smart Scene Plate functionality in more detail, please contact faradite today.

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