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Case Study - The Beaumont

Case Study - The Beaumont

In the heart of Mayfair, one of the most exclusive parts of London, sits the Beaumont Hotel. This independently owned hotel aims to recapture the spirit of old-world luxury with the addition of the latest technology. The first thing visitors will notice upon entering the hotel is the art deco styling, sumptuous wood panelling, art-deco themed fittings and a real sense of 1920s elegance. Throughout the 72 rooms and 29 suites, the highest standard of fittings have been selected to give guests a 5-star experience.

Appointed to deliver the control and AV solutions in the newly refurbished rooms was Link Media Systems, a London based systems integrator who have a number of international offices and work in some of the most prestigious hotel projects around the world. We met with Nick Moore, senior project manager at Link Media Systems, to learn more about the Beaumont and the solution they have delivered.

The gorgeous rooms feature a MyRoom system from Lutron and offers guests a simple and intuitive way of controlling lighting and shading in the room. Stressing the importance of guest experience Nick explains “We were able to find solutions that were discreet, tactile and thoroughly interoperable”

Continuing to describe the solution, Nick says “Motion sensors, which detect movement in the room and turn the lights on automatically, [are] provided by Faradite motion sensors which automatically detect the guest upon entry, lights switch on, the room is prepared, curtains and blinds opened, a thorough automatic welcome.”

Keypads in each room are strategically placed and neatly engraved so users can identify the lighting scene required, shading options can also be easily controlled by guests with sheer curtains and blackout curtains opened and closed with single button control on the keypad.

As the hotel design team demanded an extraordinarily high level of fitting throughout the facility, Faradite sensors were the obvious selection of motion sensor for the Link Media Systems design architects. Specified to fulfill the need for a discreet, unobtrusive PIR, the Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free was selected as it can be easily and reliably connected to the Lutron MyRoom system in the hotel.

Describing the guest experience upon entering the room Nick describes the “automatic welcome” that is triggered by the Faradite motion sensor. Lights are brought up to welcome guests with the optimal lighting scene. This automation means guests can bathe in the stunning interior elegance of the beautifully appointed rooms and removes the need for guests to spend the first few seconds in the room fumbling for a light switch.

Further to the in-room benefits, the motion sensors are integrated with the central GRMS (Guest room management system) and can provide front-of-house information on the occupancy of the rooms. Unoccupied rooms can have air conditioning set back to economy modes to save energy and in turn lower the hotel’s energy bills.

The true elegance of this solution is the integration achieved by the Link Media System team, creating a multi-faceted solution without doubling up on the hardware installed. Guests in the room experience beautifully automated room lighting with Faradite PIRs. These same sensors are also integrated with the hotel GRMS to provide the central control system data on the room occupancy avoiding wasting energy. Put simply, the Faradite Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free, a tiny, inexpensive, discreet piece of hardware offers tangible enhancements to the guest experience as well as powerful sensor data to the hotel, reducing energy waste and saving money.

Link Media Systems has created a technically flawless solution that fits the stunning interior aesthetic of the Beaumont and the results are truly gorgeous. Guests at this 5-star hotel will experience a 5-star technology experience and we are thrilled to see Faradite sensors at the heart of the solution.
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