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Unless you’ve been making a concerted effort to avoid all Faradite news and updates, you will have noticed we launched our new range of keypads recently. This launch introduced our new KNX coupler and a range of 4 gorgeous, solid brass front plates. In our previous blogs we have looked at how the aesthetics of the TAP-5 ORE keypads can work in multiple interiors, and we have looked in detail at some of the specific features of the keypad. 

In this blog we want to highlight some of the sales kits we have created for our keypads. There are 2 options available to provide your customers with an introduction to Faradite keypads…

Brass keypad samples swatches

Firstly, we have our swatch booklet option. This swatch booklet contains 4 large, solid brass swatches finished using the exact same artisanal process as our keypads. This way the customer can see an exact representation of all 4 metal finishes, and once selected they can use the chosen swatch in future design meetings to compare to other fittings such as light fixtures, door fittings, and other interior metals.

The swatch booklet is delivered with a Faradite TAP-5 ORE brochure, which explains the features of the keypad and how we have designed the keypad to be used. It also shows images of the matching socket outlets available from Focus SB and explores how to get the most out of TAP-5 ORE keypads. To provide a finishing touch, the package is wrapped in Faradite paper. More information on the Swatch booklet is available here.

Brass keypad working sample


For those looking for a more complete sales tool, the TAP-5 ORE sample box gives a luxurious, interactive introduction to these stunning keypads. The matt black boxes are hand made, and include a pre-programmed, working keypad. To experience the keypad, simply connect the included power supply and power the box, after a short startup time you’re ready to experience the TAP-5 ORE smart scene plate functionality.

Brass keypad sample for smart home

To add an extra level of luxury to this gorgeous demo box we have included a black velvet drawstring bag, embroidered with the Faradite Logo, even the power supply comes in its own drawstring bag. Every part of the journey has been designed to demonstrate our commitment to excellence. The ORE presentation box can be seen here.

To discuss getting hold of these TAP-5 ORE sales kits, or to learn more about our range of keypads please contact us today.

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