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Brushed Jordan Bronze keypad for smart homes


Our TAP- 5 ORE keypads feature outstanding technology as well as alluring design and fabrication to provide stunning accessories with an amazing user experience that looks incredible in any room. 

They have been designed with aesthetics as a central consideration, combining the timeless quality of solid brass with a contemporary 5-gang layout. The range includes four unique finishes, each finish bringing something special. In previous blogs we have explored the Brushed Brass, Brushed Antique Brass and Brushed Nickel finishes and dove into some ideas for how to style them in a room, in this final blog of the series we will be taking a look at the Brushed Jordan Bronze finish. 

The Brushed Jordan Bronze finish has a unique look and feel, with all the warmth of the Brushed Brass and Brushed Antique Brass but with a distinctly strong and earthy tone. Lighting is key, making sure spaces have ample natural light and illuminating darker corners of the room with warm accent lighting. Lean into natural yet bold finishes here, using stones, hardwoods, linens, pottery and stoneware. Embrace strong contrast, keep lines clean but make use of natural textures. Any colour that can be found in nature will compliment the bold yet understated Brushed Jordan Bronze.

Bronze keypad moodboard for interior design

Making the lighting a focus point is a great way to make a bold statement while embracing that natural feeling. This Compass Chandelier in Bronze from Tigermoth Lighting can compliment the keypad, with its simple, well defined lines and alabaster shades to beautifully diffuse the light while showcasing its natural texture. With a neutral coloured wall serving as the backdrop the dark tones of the bronze have the space needed for maximum visual impact.

bronze lighting fixture

Once again embracing strong and simple lines, the Sutton Cabinet Handle in dark bronze by Armac Martin would make an excellent addition to a room featuring the ORE Brushed Jordan Bronze keypad. The minimalist form with subtle detailing along with the feeling of the solid brass in hand will provide a harmonious and cohesive user experience.

bronze handle for interior design

Give your design that final touch with the matching wiring accessories from  Focus SB. Their contemporary designs enhance any room and their products are available in the Faradite Brushed Jordan Bronze finish, giving every detail of the room the intentionality that it deserves.

Brushed Bronze sockets

While this styling guide will have provided some guidance and inspiration, your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to styling the room and there are so many more ways to make these gorgeous keypads a standout feature in a space. 

If you would like to see the four finishes in person to help with the design process you can purchase our ORE Swatch Sample Case here with generously sized samples of all the finishes, perfect for matching to other materials and accessories and for taking along to all your design consultations. 


Note: The lighting fixture and handles mentioned in this blog are not exact matches to the Faradite finishes but are simply items we believe may visually compliment our products.