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  • Faradite Motion Sensor flush 24V Discreet Small Sensor Loxone Crestron Lutron Rako Control4
    August 14, 2019 Matt @faradite

    Multiple Motion Sensors In One Room - When and Why?

    If we are using the motion sensor to trigger lights but also to provide a heating override option, we want to make sure the sensor is not only covering thoroughfares to trigger as soon as someone enters but it is also going to cover users as they use the room. In some instances, we might need to consider multiple motion sensors in the same room.
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  • Black Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free
    April 2, 2019 Matt @faradite

    Black Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free

    Fully Black Faradite Motion Sensor Now Available Motion Sensor 360 Black - Volt FreeDesigned specifically for cinemas, the new Faradite motion sensor delivers aesthetics and performance in one compact package. Making its trade show debut at EI Live! 2019, our...

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  • Faradite exhibiting at Smart Home UK trade show
    February 25, 2019 Matt @faradite

    Faradite at Essential Install Live 2019

    The Essential Install Live show comes to Farnborough Exhibition centre on 30th April - 1st May and for the first time Faradite will be there to showcase our range of home automation accessories. The Faradite stand will display the complete range of TAP switches, our...

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  • Motion Sensor Faradite Small Flush Discreet 24V PIR Control4 Lutron Rako
    January 24, 2019 Chris @faradite

    Motion Sensor Placement

    Motion sensors provide an essential part of most effective 21st century smart homes and the functionality they allow is vast. Simply speaking, the purpose of a motion sensor is to detect a person entering or moving around the room. The...

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  • Faradite Motion Sensor 24V PIR home automation Smart Home Control4 Lutron Crestron Rako Loxone Savant
    July 31, 2018 Zoe @faradite

    What motion sensor do I need?

    Ensuring you pick the right sensor for your project is essential to ensuring your overall system functions as expected. Faradite motion sensors are designed to connect to low voltage smart home / building automation control systems. Our sensors are not designed...

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