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Faradite motion sensor (pir) floating in red space

Using the Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free with LUXORliving

LUXORliving is a popular control system which can provide control for lighting, heating and shading applications. Created by Theben,the LUXORliving system is based on the KNX protocol and is essentially a simplified, streamlined version of KNX. The LUXORliving website describes it as “based on the tried and tested standard with all its advantages, but is much easier to program”

Incorporating the Faradite Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free is easily achieved using one of the LUXORliving modules. This blog will look at the B6 and the T2/T4/T8 modules and as there is no 0-10v analogue input available on LUXORliving, only addresses the Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free variety. (as the connectivity is the same on IP67 version of our sensors, the diagrams shown in this blog also apply to the IP67 sensors)

First, for DIN rail mounted applications the Luxor Living B6 provides inputs for up to 6 Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Frees:


The Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free can be powered from the 12V ‘+’ and ‘-’ terminal on the top right of the Luxor Living B6 module. Terminate the output relay terminals to the input terminals on the B6 and you are now ready to commision the sensor in the LUXORliving software, LUXORplug.

Faradite sensor wired to a Luxor Living luxorliving B6 module.

T2 / T4/ T8

The T2, T4 and T8 modules are small devices with 2 inputs, 4 inputs and 8 inputs respectively. We will show connections for the T2 module in this blog, but the T4 and T8 modules are broadly the same, but with added terminals. 

The LUXORliving system has various power supplies, in this example we will show the P640. Use the ‘Aux 30V DC’ power output of the P640 to power the Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free. We suggest using the white and yellow cores of the KNX cable for this. The red and black cores of the KNX cable are then used to provide the bus comms to the T2 modules red/black terminals.

Luxor Living Theben t2 wired to a a motion sensor

The output terminals of the Motion Sensor 360 are then connected across the ‘BK’ and ‘C1’ terminals. If a second sensor is to be connected to the same T2 module, connect this sensor across the ‘BK’ and the ‘C2’.

The T2 can now be commissioned and programmed to provide automation in the LUXORliving system.

For more information on the LUXORliving range head to

Contact Faradite today if you have any questions about the Motion Sensor 360 range. 

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