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Faradite Sensor wall mount accessory above a door.

New Product: Sensor Wall Mount Accessory

Since we launched the popular Motion Sensor 360 range more than 4 years ago we have seen our tiny motion sensors used for some incredible home automation applications.

Our sensors are installed in more than 40 countries around the globe by professional installers and provide the ultimate discreet sensor solution for installers of Control4, Lutron, Crestron, Loxone, Rako and many more similar systems. 

Today, we introduce an accessory that delivers a wall mounting solution meaning the Motion Sensor 360 can be used in more locations.

Faradite Sensor Wall Mount Accessory installed on a wall

Inside and out 

Designed primarily for the IP67 variety (M360-IP-B-VOLF) this beautifully sleek unit is made from solid aluminium. The finish makes it extremely robust and ideal for wall mount locations outside. 

The Sensor Wall Mount Accessory consists of two components, firstly, the solid aluminium back plate provides a sturdy fixing with 12mm cable entry. The front of the unit slides back on to the back plate and fixes with 2 screws. Once the Sensor Wall Mount Accessory is mounted, the Motion Sensor 360 - IP67 - Black - Volt Free can be fitted.

Sensor Wall Mount Accessory install steps

To fit the IP67 sensor, start by removing the springs from the sensor, then terminate the cable into the sensor as normal. Finally, slot the sensor back up into the wall mount and use the spring clip to hold the sensor in place.

Anthracite excitement

The anthracite colour of the wall mount is designed to sit alongside other dark exterior fittings such as light fittings. Measuring just 68mm across, the unit is as small as it can be, whilst delivering a robust and practical mounting solution for our discreet sensors.

Faradite Sensor Wall Mount Accessory installed on a house.

The wall mount accessory does not come with a sensor included and we advise using the Motion Sensor 360 - IP67 - Black - Volt Free with the wall mount as the colour matches the mount and  the sensor delivers the IP67 rating.

The Sensor Wall Mount Accessory is available now, and can be found in the Motion Sensor 360 range on the webshop.
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