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Using a Faradite TAP-5 with Loxone Tree

Using a Faradite TAP-5 with Loxone Tree

The release of the Loxone Nano DI Tree last week means that the TAP-5 switch plate can now be connected to the Loxone Tree infrastructure, making the installation of the TAP-5 incredibly quick and easy. The Nano DI Tree module sits neatly in the back box behind the TAP-5 and takes seconds to connect.

Loxone Tree technology offers an easy and flexible way to wire your Loxone Smart Home. Tree is a bus technology meaning that you can connect 50 devices on one single CAT cable.

With six digital inputs, the Nano DI Tree module can connect to the TAP-5's five digital outputs and still has one digital input remaining to connect another device, such as a motion sensor. This means you only need one Nano DI Tree per room, which is pretty neat. 

Loxone's Nano DI Tree uses four cores from a standard CAT cable, enabling you to connect the TAP-5 1-wire temperature sensor on two (GND & 1-wire) of the remaining four cores. 1-wire is a bus technology like Tree, allowing you to string lots of TAP-5s on a single CAT cable.

With the launch of Tree, a new era of smart home technology has begun. Try connecting your Faradite TAP-5 to a Nano DI Tree today and see just how easy it is!

Click here for a full wiring diagram