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Faradite 0-10v motion sensor with brightness sensor

Using the Faradite motion sensor range with the Beckhoff automation system

Beckhoff is an established automation system with a large number of automation products. Often a popular choice for commercial automation projects, the I/O range of bus terminals feature many digital input and analogue input modules which can be used to integrate our gorgeously discreet range of Motion Sensor 360’s.

As our Motion Sensor 360 range is available as a motion only sensor (M360-X-VOLF and the M360-IP-X-VOLF) and a brightness and motion device (M360-W-0-10v) there are 2 modules in the Beckhoff system that we are going to look at in this blog. 

The Beckhoff Bus Terminal, 4-channel analogue input, voltage, 0…10 V, 12 bit, single-ended, with shield connector offers 4 analogue inputs. This means up to 4 Faradite Motion Sensor 360 - 0-10V sensors can be connected to a single Beckhoff analogue input module (this is only the brightness sensor part of the story - the motion sensor output of the M360-W-0-10V will still be wired to a digital input module which we explain below). The 4-channel digital input, 24 V DC, 3 ms, positive/ground switching is the Beckhoff module to use with the volt free sensors in the Motion Sensor 360 range. 

Let's start by taking a look at the digital input module which is ideal for use with all volt free (dry contact) output sensors in the range. 

BECKHOFF KL1154 - 4-channel digital input

The KL1154 digital input terminal accepts binary 24V DC control signals. The module also features +24V DC and ‘-’ terminals which can be used to supply the sensor's power. 

Beckhoff 4 channel digital input for Faradite motion sensors.

Use these ‘+’ and ‘-’ terminals to provide the sensor with the 24V DC power. The sensor will also require the +24 V DC to be supplied to one side of the motion sensor output. Connect the other side of the sensor output to the relevant input on the digital input module (KL1154). In the diagram below we are connecting it to input 1 on the Beckhoff module.

Faradite motion sensor wired to Beckhoff KL1154

When the sensor detects motion, the output will switch 24V DC to the digital input of the Beckhoff KL1154 which can now be commissioned using the Beckhoff commissioning software. 

BECKHOFF KL3064 - 4 channel analogue input

The KL3064 is a 4-channel analogue input module that accepts 0-10V analogue inputs which makes it the ideal candidate for our Motion Sensor 360 - 0-10V sensor. As this module only accepts 0-10V inputs, it must be used alongside a KL1154 (see above) for the motion sensor output of the M360-W-0-10V.

Beckhoff automation KL3064 analogue inputs for Faradite motion sensor

Provide power to the motion sensor from the ‘+’ and ‘-’ terminals on the KL1154. It is essential to common the ground between the KL1154, the KL3064 and the sensor. The ‘M’ output is connected to the KL1154 input, in the example below this is connected to input 1. The ‘L’ output of the sensor is then connected to the analogue input module. Shown below wired to input 1.

Faradite motion sensor 0-10v wired to Beckhoff automation modules

To conclude…

The Motion Sensor 360 range offers brilliant motion sensor solutions for integrators of Beckhoff automation systems. To find out more please contact the Faradite team and we will be more than happy to advise.

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