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Using Faradite motion sensors with WAGO I/O Automation Systems

Using Faradite motion sensors with WAGO I/O Automation Systems

The Wago I/O automation system is a hugely versatile, modular automation solution that is widely used for commercial automation applications. The compact, rail mounted modules are available with a seemingly infinite variety of inputs, outputs, communication protocols and more.

As our Faradite Motion Sensor 360 range can be used in nearly any application that requires discreet, robust motion detection, in this blog we show how to connect our Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free and our Motion Sensor 360 - 0-10V to the Wago I/O System 750/753.

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There are many modules in the Wago system that may well be compatible of connecting with the Faradite Motion Sensor 360 range, but in this blog we are going to show two specific modules: the 8-Channel Digital Input Module 24 V DC - 750-430 8DI 24VDC and 8-channel analog input; 0 … 10 V/±10 VDC - 750 497.

First let's look at the Digital input module - 750 - 430…

8-Channel Digital Input Module 24 V DC - 750 - 430
The digital input module has eight channels which means it can have up to 8 of our Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free sensors connected. Power the sensor using the 24V DC voltage that is used to power the Wago system. Please note - it is essential that the GND is common between the Wago power supply and the Motion Sensor 360. This is to ensure there is no ‘floating voltage’ and the sensor has the correct ground reference.

Wago automation system digital input module for Faradite motion sensors.

As the Wago 8 channel digital input module is looking for a 24V DC signal at its input we must supply the + of our 24V DC power to one side of the volt free output of the sensor. Connect the other side of the output to the appropriate input of the Wago 750-430 module.

Faradite motion sensor 360 volt free wiring diagram with Wago digital input module.

Now connected, the Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free is ready to be commissioned to perform the automation required. 

8-channel analog input; 0-10V; Single-ended - 750 - 497

The Faradite Motion Sensor 360 - 0-10V has both a motion sensor and a brightness sensor. To connect this model to the WAGO system there are 2 modules that are required. As with the Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free, we need the Wago digital input module (750-430). This module has 8 digital inputs which accepts the motion output from our Motion Sensor 360 - 0-10V. This output on the sensor is the one labelled ‘M’.

Wago automation analogue input module for faradite motion sensor.

The brightness output of the sensor is labelled ‘L’, this output should be connected to the analogue inputs on the wago 750-497 to the left hand terminals. The right hand terminal on the corresponding analogue input is the ground reference. Make sure this is connected to the same GND that is powering the sensor and the Wago system to avoid ground reference errors.

Faradite 0-10v motion sensor wired to Wago analogue input module

Once connected to each of the Wago modules, the brightness detector and the motion sensor can be commissioned in the Wago system. 

More connectivity options

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The Wago automation system has a massive number of modules and there may be others in the Wago range that can be compatible with the Faradite sensors. This blog covers two of the most suitable modules that are compatible with our sensors but there may be other modules in the Wago system that are also compatible. Contact the Faradite team if you have more questions.

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