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TAP Volt Free - Selecting fly lead options

TAP Volt Free - Selecting fly lead options


The TAP Volt Free product range delivers beautiful capacitive touch switch plates to integrators of all major control systems and a vitally essential part of this story is the various fly leads we have created. 

The TAP Volt Free product consists of a front plate, volt free coupler and a fly lead. In this blog we are going to explain the 6 fly lead options and how to order the correct option. 

Faradite TAP Volt Free product components

Universal options - FLY-UNIV1 and FLY-UNIV2

We created 2 universal options which essentially provide either bare fly leads (male) for wiring into any compatible third party input module or the universal push fit fly lead option which has female terminals for connecting to cables of third party systems.

Faradite TAP Volt Free Universal Fly Lead diagram


Faradite TAP Volt Free Universal push fit diagram

Both universal fly lead options feature 6 connections for future configurations of the TAP front plates that may be released. When using the TAP-5 front plates please note there will be a spare connection that can be left un-terminated in the back box.

Faradite TAP Volt Free Terminals

Loxone Fly Leads - FLY-LOXO1 and FLY-LOXO2

We have created 2 different fly lead options for Loxone users. 


The first and simplest of the solutions for Loxone is to use the LOXO1, Nano DI Tree fly lead. This is designed for Loxone systems that are wired in the Tree topology and where the installations will include a Nano DI tree device at each back box location. Please note, the TAP Volt Free does not come with the Loxone Nano DI Tree device, this must be ordered from Loxone.

To connect the TAP Volt Free to the Loxone Nano DI tree simply remove the Loxone supplied loose fly leads from the Nano DI tree device and connect the LOXO1 fly lead to the Loxone Nano DI Tree. The LOXO1 fly lead has 2, slightly longer leads that are orange and white, these can be connected into the back of the Wago orange and orange/white terminals on the Nano DI tree to provide the TAP Volt Free switch with power.

Faradite TAP Volt Free Loxone Nano DI Tree Diagram

You have now terminated the 6 outputs of the TAP to the Loxone Nano DI tree and these inputs can be configured in the Loxone config software. 


The second Loxone fly lead option the LOXO2 is designed for Star wired Loxone systems. If your Loxone system is wired radially with each switch wired back to the panel then the LOXO2 fly leads provide female push connectors to allow you to strip the CAT cable cores at the switch location and terminate them to the TAP Volt Free switch.

Faradite TAP Volt Free Loxone star wire (inc 1-wire) diagram

The LOXO2 also features a 1-wire temperature sensor on the push fit connector board which means it can be wired back to a 1-wire extension in the panel to provide 1-wire temperature sensing. There are also power terminals to provide the TAP Volt Free switch with 24V DC from a power supply in the central panel. The common on the FLY-LOX02 is connected to 24V to make wiring easier.

Faradite TAP 1 wire wiring diagram

Lutron - QSE-CI-WCI

The FLY-LUTR1 Fly lead option delivers a rapid connection solution to the Lutron QSE-CI-WCI device. The Lutron QSE-CI-WCI actually features 8 inputs so the Fly lead we have created has 2 spare leads (outermost light grey and grey cores) which could be stripped and utilised if needed, maybe for a local Motion Sensor 360 Volt Free connection to the QSE-CI-WCI.

Faradite TAP Volt Free Lutron QSE-CI-WCI diagram

Connect the fly lead connector to the Lutron puck and then connect the red and black cores to the power terminals on the Lutron QSE-CI-WCI, these cores are slightly longer to allow them to reach the power terminals. 

Once all connections are made the Lutron device can now be commissioned to utilise the inputs from the TAP Volt Free switch. 

Crestron C2N-UNI8IO - FLY-CRES1

For Crestron systems we advise the C2N-UNI8IO device as it connects quickly and simply to the Faradite TAP Volt Free coupler using the FLY-CRES1 fly lead option. 

You will notice this fly lead option features 2 larger phoenix connectors. One of the connectors connects the 6 outputs of the TAP Volt Free coupler to the inputs of the Crestron C2N-UNI8IO, the other is to be connected on the other side of the Crestron puck to connect the power for the TAP Volt Free switch.

Faradite TAP Volt Free Crestron C2N-UNI8IO diagram

There are also 2 loose pink cores on this fly lead which can be used to connect locally wired Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free to the 7th and/or 8th inputs on the C2N-UNI8IO (ensure you consider getting power to the sensors if you are planning to do this).

Once the TAP is wired to the Crestron device you are ready to commission the TAP Volt Free buttons on the Crestron system. Please be aware, the Crestron C2N-UNI8IO doesn’t support very fast double tap inputs so for this reason we don’t advise creating any double tap functions on the switches. 

How to select your fly lead options

Ordering the correct fly lead is simple - after choosing the TAP Volt Free finish you require you will see a drop down on the product page called ‘Fly lead options’. 

Faradite TAP Volt Free fly lead selection

Click on this drop down and select the appropriate fly lead. You can adjust quantities required and add to the basket. This will add the selected number of TAP switches with chosen fly leads to your basket. If you are ordering another finish/variation of TAP Volt Free also, navigate to the product page of required switch, select the fly lead required from drop down and add to basket again. 

Your order will be delivered with selected TAP fronts, Volt Free couplers and your chosen fly leads. 

If you have more questions please contact the Faradite team today. They are looking forward to discussing your project. 

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