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Case Study - The Smart 27

Case Study - The Smart 27

The Smart 27 is a beautiful, fully smart, rental property in the beautiful city of York, England. The lush, edgy interior design is coupled with a fully automated smart home system.

The Smart 27 was created with 2 goals in mind; to provide a beautiful short term rental opportunity on the outskirts of York and to provide a fully working, immersive smart home living experience to users.   

Take a look at The Smart 27 as explained by Christian in the video below: 

Meet the installer

The Smart 27 is the work of Potes Smart Homes who are a York based home automation company. Potes offer smart home and AV solutions around the north of England and deliver some truly stunning projects. The Potes Smart Home team consists of Erika, Christian and Michael. 

Potes Smart Home Team Photo

Christian, Potes Smart Homes MD has been in the custom installation industry for many years, previously working in commercial projects delivering complex AV solutions. Joined later by Michael to complete the sales and installation team. Erika is marketing manager who looks after Potes online presence as well as managing The Smart 27 bookings and visits. 

TAP Switches

The Smart 27 features a number of the Faradite TAP Volt free switches. The switches were initially selected for the deep, luxurious brushed copper finishes as they would suit the Smart 27 interior aesthetic and overall finish of the property. In the master bedroom, the 2 bedside TAP switches control the lighting scenes in the room as well as the rooms audio zone and the curtains. 

The Smart 27 Master Bedroom

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In the second bedroom the bedside TAP switch provides control of Lighting scenes, audio and shading as in the master bedroom. 

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Faradite TAP Volt Free in brushed copper

Aesthetically, The Smart 27 is anything but average. The deep, luscious colours used in the master bedroom are split by the LED light ‘crack’ design which reveals a flower patterned wallpaper. Other rooms feature some beautiful lighting designs using LED strip, pendants and spotlights to offer a huge choice of lighting scenes for guests. 

Recessed LED Strip lighting in the Smart 27

The recessed strip lighting in the stairwell provides colour changing options that are tied to well placed motion sensors to dynamically automate the lighting as guests enter. 

Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free

As the Potes Smart Home team knows all too well, motion sensors are vital in delivering truly automated spaces. The Faradite Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free is the pinnacle of discreet motion detection and helps create the various smart automation features that the Smart 27. 

Faradite Motion Sensor 360 Volt Free on ceiling

Walk into the bathroom and music will automatically come on to your favourite radio station, the lights will come on and the extractor fan will start with a timeout programmed to circulate air. Walking into the same room during the middle of the night will mean the only the lighting is switched on to a low level scene so as not to disturb any other guests. 

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All rooms in the house benefit from motion based automation which are pivotal in making the Smart 27 a living, breathing demonstration tool for Potes Smart home customers as well as being a premium Air BnB for visitors looking to experience beautiful, historic York.

Experience The Smart 27...

To immerse yourself in the Smart 27 experience head to Potes Smart Homes website to find out more.  

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