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New Product: TAP Volt Free

New Product: TAP Volt Free

When Faradite launched 5 years ago, the first product in the portfolio was the sleek, modern capacitive touch switch called the Faradite TAP range. The TAP range was lauded for its striking, clean aesthetic and became a popular switch of choice for professional smart home installers around the world.

5 years on, we are excited to announce the TAP range has been re-worked to improve nearly every single aspect of the product. We have enhanced the TAP range aesthetic without moving too far away from our signature look.

Let’s look in more detail at the improvements that have been made:

Simple Volt Free Connectivity

One of the most notable updates we have made with the newly imagined TAP range is the output type. In case the name didn’t make it obvious, the new TAP Volt Free (Dry Contact) range benefits from, volt free / dry contact outputs which make it far more widely compatible.

Most control systems have input modules that can accommodate volt free/potential free/dry contact connections which makes the TAP Volt Free range an option for many, many more systems.

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Halo light

Visually, the most notable update to the TAP Volt Free range is the new halo light. The halo light was designed to give a crisp, clean line of illumination around the outside edge of the switch plate.

Faradite TAP 1 Volt Free in a dark room with halo light on

The halo light not only enhances the aesthetic but it offers additional feedback options to the user. For example, the TAP switch can be configured so that the halo light illuminates during a switch press to provide visual feedback to the user. This visual feedback works seamlessly alongside the tactile verification that the haptic feedback engine provides.

The Halo light can be configured in several ways depending on the project demands and customer’s desires. If the customer decides they do not want the halo light at all, it can be configured to be always off. The brightness can also be adjusted by pressing and holding a button on the coupler.

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Fast Connect Wiring Looms

The TAP Volt Free range can be used with many different control systems due to its versatile volt free connection, including Crestron, Lutron, Loxone, Control4, Rako and Savant. 

We have drastically reduced the amount of time needed to wire the TAP Volt Free by adding multiple pre-wired fly leads that are designed to work with a number of the popular control system interfaces which makes the TAP Volt Free virtually plug and play when using control system pucks such as the Crestron C2N-UNI8IO, Loxone Nano DI Tree and the Lutron QSE-CI-WCI.

Universal fly lead / push fit connector options make sure the Tap Volt Free range is broadly compatible with virtually all other control systems available on the market.

When ordering the TAP switch from our website there is a drop-down selection tool where users can select the fly lead option required for the project. This is supplied with the selected front plate and the volt free coupler.

Improved Firmware

Alongside the notable updates to the hardware, we have also made significant updates to the TAP Volt Free firmware. Improved processing speeds mean the new TAP Volt Free range is very responsive and can easily handle double tap and triple tap functions.

The speed of the processor means the haptic feedback and the halo light feedback reaction time is instant and adds to the all-round user experience when interacting with the TAP switch.

New Modular Product Architecture

Separating the coupler from the front plate delivers several improvements to the TAP Volt Free product range. The terminations are on the coupler meaning the coupler can be terminated and installed on-site before the final front plates are fitted.

If there is a need to increase the functionality the front plate could be changed, for example, from a TAP1 to a TAP5 and the extra buttons could then be programmed. If interior design updates mean the current TAP finish looks out of place, the front plate can be swapped out for a different, more suitable finish.

Those with a keen eye will notice that the TAP volt free coupler has 6 momentary outputs available and our current offering includes a TAP5 and a TAP1. The new product architecture of separate coupler and front plate means that we are able to efficiently add new gang variations and finish options in the future.

Mechanically, the mounting clips of the front plate have been moved towards the centre of the coupler to improve the ease and reliability of mounting. Another vital improvement is the metal plate that has been added to the coupler. The plate increases the rigidity of the coupler so the front plate and the coupler marry up perfectly even if walls are not 100% flat. The coupler compatible with both UK and EU backboxes without any need for additional adapter plates.

Faradite TAP Volt Free product range overview

This modular product architecture is also essential as we look to introduce new technologies to the range as new couplers will be designed to work with the new TAP front plates.


The release of the new TAP volt free range has seen improvements made to the hardware, firmware, mechanical form factor as well as overall aesthetic. However, our work to improve the TAP product range extended past the actual product to the packaging.

Faradite TAP box for TAP Volt Free smart home switching accessories

We designed the new TAP packaging to securely and neatly hold the switch in place during transit. The same box design is also used for the Coupler with the slots next to the coupler used to stow the mounting screws away from the components but easily accessible.

The TAP Volt Free switches benefit from a plethora of enhancements, if you want to find out more please do not hesitate to contact the Faradite team.

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