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Faradite new headquarters building.

Faradite expand in to new Headquarters

Thanks to the continued growth of Faradite, we have recently completed our relocation into a larger headquarters. Although located less than 100 metres from our previous office, and on the same business estate, the new headquarters delivers a whole host of benefits...

Expanded design & engineering space

With the extra space available our technical team has far more space for dedicated, purpose built engineering workstations designed for each part of the product design cycle from prototyping to manufacture. These workstations are equipped with the tools and technology required for developing the next generation of Faradite products.

As well as having the necessary hardware, the expanded engineering spaces are located away from the main office space affording a quieter, more focused place to work on some of the more complicated aspects of technical product development.

Faradite technology kit on worktop

Virtual conferencing room

2020 forced a number of changes on the way many of us do business, we feel that virtual/video meetings are here to stay. For this reason we will be fitting out a dedicated virtual conferencing room to make sure we are always ready to facilitate quality virtual meetings with ease.

This space will also offer a sit down space to host in person meetings with our fantastic customers, suppliers, colleagues, consultants and anyone else who might like to stop by and say “hello”.

Lights, camera, content.

We want to make sure we can quickly and regularly connect with our customers so the new office was designed to include a number of spaces for capturing content. You will start to see more and more live streams from our new HQ with product information and other exciting updates. 

The Faradite Office


Most importantly our new headquarters is adorned with our Faradite logo as well as our dotted ‘A’ brand icon. We added the ‘A’ to the black feature wall using gloss vinyl detailing to subtly deliver the icon, the way the light reflects from the gloss vinyl adds a beautiful, dynamic visual. Also decorating the walls is a selection of framed photo prints of some of our products because, well, we think they are so beautiful they deserve to be framed!

Faradite products framed on a wall

The new headquarters marks the start of yet another exciting chapter of growth for Faradite and if you are ever nearby, please feel free to give us a call and arrange a time to visit!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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