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New Product: TAP Sample Case

New Product: TAP Sample Case

With the launch of the TAP Volt Free range of switch plates and the expanding range of finishes available we have decided to create a tool for the display and storage of sample TAP switches. 

Faradite TAP switch samples displayed with the Sample Case on a desk.

Display, travel and store. 

The sample case was designed with 3 important goals in mind:

  1. To provide a display for samples in design meetings
  2. To collapse into an easy to transport package
  3. To safely store samples

To ensure the TAP range is displayed in all its glory we mounted a demo coupler to the centre of the case. This central coupler is a modified coupler which can be powered with the power supply (included) via a connection on the top of the sample case. Once powered it will illuminate the halo light so users can see the halo light in action and see the various TAP finishes available in person.

Faradite TAP 5 with halo light illuminated

Room to grow

Closed cell foam on the outer leafs of the case provide spaces for up to 8 TAP sample keypad fronts. The sample case comes with 4 TAP sample fronts - TAP5 - Brushed Nickel, TAP5 - Brushed Copper, TAP1 - Stainless Steel and the TAP5 - Matt White. The fronts included are non working sample units meaning they do not have the haptic feedback feature or working electronics.

We intentionally left space in the sample case for future finishes and TAP gang variations. As new products are released in the range we will also make available sample units of each front plate so installers can update their sample case. 

Faradite TAP Sample case open on a desk

If you want to sample the haptic feedback feature to a customer, a fully working TAP Volt Free front plate can be purchased separately and connected to the central demo coupler. When powered, a fully working TAP front plate will provide feedback and the feedback can be configured using the red button on the demo coupler.

The case folds away into an easily transported unit with invisible magnetic catches built in to the spine to neatly snap the case closed. Folded, the sample case is smaller than a laptop (albeit slighter thicker than the average laptop) so can easily be transported to and from design meetings wherever they are held.

The sample case can be kept opened up to form a tabletop/shelf display or stored folded away on a bookcase. However you choose to store the sample case you can be sure the TAP keypad samples will remain in immaculate condition for your project design meetings for years to come. 

Faradite TAP Sample case folded on a bookcase

Explore the sample case product online now at and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the Faradite team.
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