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Motion Sensor 360 - KNX in black and white


As any KNX integrator will know, KNX is a world leading building controls standard with 1000s of compatible devices. As of today, we are pleased to announce that Faradite now has our popular Motion Sensor 360 available as a native KNX device. 

This product is long awaited and has undergone years of product development and testing. It has the same 35mm install hole, flush mounted with a 49mm visible face once installed as our customers favourite product, the Motion Sensor 360 - Volt Free, however the KNX sensor is jam packed with functions and features!
Motion Sensor 360 - KNX with PCB board

The Motion Sensor 360 - KNX can perform 4 independent functions, each with independent parameters available for each. It has 6 different function types to choose from including switching, dimming value transmitter, scenes, HVAC, constant lighting control and advanced value sending with 10 different object types. This extensive list of data send types makes the Motion Sensor 360 - KNX a supremely capable KNX sensor and will place it right amongst the very best KNX PIRs on the market.

Additional functions include day/night mode, which allows the integrator to set different timeouts and brightness thresholds based on the time of day and according to the homeowners personal preferences. For example, a homeowner might want a pendant, low level lighting as well as LED strip lighting to come on between the hours of 6am and 11pm when motion is detected in a hallway, but at night between 11pm and 6am, they may only want the low level lighting to turn on so as not to create too much light and potentially wake anyone up. The sensor can also be configured to not turn the lights on at all if the lux level in the room is higher than the configured threshold (for example 100 lux) by making use of the integrated brightness sensor. 

The Motion Sensor 360 - KNX also has master/slave capabilities. This means multiple sensors can be connected to cover larger spaces and will work seamlessly together. An example of this would be a long passageway where a single motion sensor is not able to detect the full length of the room. A sensor could be installed in two different positions in the room so that motion can be detected at any place, when either sensor detects motion the desired functions will be triggered.

PIR KNX motion sensor

It also features pushbutton input group object which allows the sensor to be connected to a KNX switch which can be set to override the sensor's normal functions. This can be extremely useful in a situation where a room needs to have its ‘normal’ automation, but occasionally needs to function differently. For example a room in a workplace that is usually used as a tea and coffee room might need a motion sensor to turn the lights on with an automatic timeout of 10 minutes. However if this room is also used for meetings from time to time, the sensor can be connected to a switch which can override this short timeout and have the lights stay on for 1 hour before timing out. After this 1 hour period the sensor will automatically revert back to its ‘normal’ functionalities. 

This is just a few of the many capabilities that the Motion Sensor 360 - KNX has to offer. To read the full list of functions and understand how they work you can read the product manual. 


We are extremely excited to be launching the Motion Sensor 360 - KNX and joining the vast world of KNX compatible products. For KNX integrators, why not jump into ETS and search the catalogue for the Faradite Motion Sensor 360 - KNX to take a look through the parameters available and familiarise yourself with your new favourite KNX PIR.

The product is currently in stock in both black and white so head over to our website to have a closer look! 


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