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KNX motion sensor


Our Motion Sensor 360 - KNX is an impossibly small KNX sensor, but make no mistake, it punches well above it’s weight for functionality! One of the first indications of the power of this miniature KNX PIR can is obvious on the first menu in ETS. 

Under Global parameters; General menu, you will see the option to the set the ‘Number of functions’. What this allows us to set is how many concurrent actions can be triggered from a single motion detection. Each of these functions can have it’s own unique timeout, brightness thresholds and even different day/night parameters. 

In an example where we wanted to use a Motion Sensor 360 - KNX to switch on a single lighting circuit in a simple bathroom set up, we could use just one function. This single function would then be commissioned to switch on the lights for a set timeout, then after that timeout elapses, turn that circuit off. Simple, effective. 

If however that same bathroom also had an extractor fan we could commission 2 functions on the sensor. The first would be for the lighting timeout, as before, but the second function would be a separate, longer timeout for the extractor fan. To do this, we would set the ‘Number of functions’ parameter to ‘2’. 

On the first function we can set the lighting as before, but on the second function, we will set the function type to ‘Extractor fan’. We can then set a timeout for the extractor fan that is suitable for room and connect the relevant group object to the group address. 

The Faradite sensor can handle up to 4 functions, this makes it a supremely capable KNX sensor. An example of what a single motion event can trigger is visualised in the table below:

Table showing KNX motion sensor features

As you can see, the fact the sensor can handle up to 4 concurrent functions makes it a powerful option for KNX integrators as it can intelligently control multiple parts of the KNX system without the need for numerous, unsightly motion sensors installed in the ceiling/wall.

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