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Faradite Motion sensor with Made in Britain logo


Faradite has been a proud member of Made in Britain since 2018. For those who are not familiar with who Made in Britain are, they are a non-profit organisation that aims to unite and promote the British manufacturing community. While they offer various types of support to their members, being a member of the organisation holds a huge amount of value in itself. The Made in Britain mark is an instantly recognisable symbol to many, and not only a sign of locale, but of company values and product quality as well.

In a time where so much manufacturing has little traceability and companies often have little accountability, transparency of manufacturing processes has never before been so highly valued by consumers. Made in Britain are a highly respected organisation, and they do not grant their mark of approval lightly. The membership application process is detailed and has to be renewed each year which ensures information is never out of date, and standards remain at a high level.

Made in Britain logo

Being a Made in Britain member means adhering to the Made in Britain code of conduct as well as British manufacturing laws and regulations. When customers see this mark, they have full confidence that the products have been made to an extremely high standard, and that safe and fair practices have been followed in the manufacturing process. 

Faradite exports products to over 40 countries around the world, and we know that in many of these countries the Made in Britain mark is highly regarded as a sign of utmost quality and technical excellence. For our British customers, the ability to support their local economy is also a considerable factor in purchasing choices, and this is only increasing in the post-brexit world!

Faradite motion sensor with Made in Britain logo

Faradite is very proud to be a member of this fast growing community and to display the Made in Britain mark. We are committed to continuing to develop and manufacture our products here in Britain, and to maintain the high standards and good business practices that are expected of a Made in Britain member. 

If you would like to know more about Made in Britain or view their company directory or product directory, follow this link to their official website.