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Our ISE 2022 Exhibition Will Be Carbon Negative

ISE is Europe's largest AV and systems integration exhibition. Faradite will be exhibiting our range of TAP switches, Motion Sensor 360 range as well as some brand new products. 

After previously being held in Amsterdam, this year is the first year that the show will be in Barcelona. ISE is a highlight of our annual calendar and the chance to meet with our existing customers is invaluable. Over the 4 day show, 1000’s of visitors will see the latest and greatest the industry has to offer.

Faradite trade stand at EI Live

Environmental considerations...

As important as these shows are to our growth as a company, there is no denying the environmental impact of exhibiting. Transporting several hundred kilograms of trade stand across Europe, flying our staff to the show and exhibiting for a week creates a not insignificant carbon footprint. This is something we are aware of, and something we want to address…

Our commitment

So we are committing to making our ISE 2022 exhibition in Barcelona carbon negative. (yes you read that right: Carbon Negative

What this means, in simple terms, is that we commit to planting and protecting trees to remove more carbon from the environment than we will put out as a result of us exhibiting at ISE.

As an exercise in transparency, we estimate our carbon footprint for exhibiting at ISE to be approximately 1700kg. This is made up of road transport of our trade stand from our Woking HQ to Barcelona, return flights for our staff from London to Barcelona, the car journeys from our Woking HQ to the airport, as well as an estimated output for the 4 days of energy used on the trade stand.

To ensure we deliver ISE 2022 carbon negative we are committing to 4 tonnes (4000kg) of carbon offset, more than double our estimated carbon cost for exhibiting at ISE.

On your marks, offset, go.

To offset our exhibition carbon we will be working with Carbon Footprint Ltd who offer a tree planting and buddying service. To ensure our carbon offset is delivered now, Carbon Footprint’s tree buddying ensures fully mature trees in the Amazon rainforest are protected to continue removing the carbon emissions.

Carbon Footprint Ltd Logo

The additional tree planting is a way of investing in the future, as a tree can take up to 30 years to reach its full carbon removing potential. You can see more details on this scheme here.

Faradite is always looking at ways to improve our environmental impact. We recently redesigned much of our product packaging to drastically reduce single use plastics and we use FSC approved plastic free tape on our parcels.

Faradite packing tape

We are choosing to do more by being aware of our environmental impact on the planet and, where we can, improve how we do things. 

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona, and if you want to find out ways in which you can offset your environmental impact for attending please visit

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