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Case Study - Torwood Glen

Case Study - Torwood Glen

Torwood Glen is a development of 11 Luxury homes 30 miles north east of Edinburgh, Scotland. These gorgeous homes are finished to a supremely high standard and boast some incredible features. The developer, Heritage homes, cover all of central Scotland and specialise in the high end residential sector and its clear to see that Torwood Glen is the very epitome of excellence. While each home is unique, they all benefit from a Control4 smart home system design, installed and commissioned by the team at 1314 electrical.

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1314 are based outside Stirling and offer a huge range of services for the residential and commercial sector. Alongside their smart home offering, 1314 are also experts in renewables, security and electrical, making them one of the most sought after contractors in Scotland. When the developers of Torwood Glen approached 1314, the natural choice for the smart home system in each of the 11 luxury properties was Control4. The Control4 system was ideally suited to handle the control of the buildings lighting, heating, cooling and of course audio video distribution. Another vitally important part of the offering, was that the control system could be tailored and adjusted to each homeowners needs as they moved in to the finished home.

Faradite sensor installed in a hallway

We visited Torwood Glen to take a look at these beautiful homes being built. It is easy to see why this is being called the biggest Control4 development in Scotland, the 11 homes are beautifully designed and immaculately finished, with the smallest of the homes coming in at 4500ft2.The developer of Torwood Glen was impressed with the Faradite sensors from early on in the design phase as James Thomson, managing director of 1314 explains; “We proposed these Faradite sensors to the developer and he really loved them for so many reasons. They are sleek, stylish and very discreet.” - We couldn't agree more!

Discreet motion sensor in the ceiling

“We’ve also installed Faradite motion sensors to automate the lighting throughout the hallways, thoroughfares, bathrooms and ensuites.” Continues James. For the initial commissioning, the Faradite sensors were commissioned to provide lighting automation so as soon as the space is entered, the lighting promptly and gently dims up to illuminate the room.

However, as part of the client handover, the team at 1314 will offer the homeowners chance to tailor the Control4 system to their families specific requirements. For instance, in one of the 2 properties that are currently finished and occupied, the owners wanted to use the motion sensors to also switch on some music in the bathroom as the room is entered - but only between the hours of 10am and 9pm. The automation experts at 1314 had this commissioned on the Control4 system within minutes.

Faradite motion sensor with door in foreground

The 11 homes at Torwood Glen are truly stunning, each unique, but all to the same impeccable standard. The Control4 solution that has been delivered by 1314 is thorough, intuitive and features impressive automation, as well as meeting the requirement of being customisable to each homeowner as and when they move in to their newly finished homes. The team at 1314 have planned and installed the Faradite motion sensors perfectly to accurately and reliably deliver the automation required by the homeowner, whilst making minimal impact to the finished aesthetic of the room. We look forward to seeing the development completed and the remaining homes being commissioned with Faradite and Control4 working seamlessly together.

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