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Case Study - North London Home

Case Study - North London Home

In this case study, for the first time, we are looking at a project that is using our Motion Sensor 360 - KNX. Our KNX motion sensor was launched in February 2023 and has already been installed by KNX integrators around the world to deliver some impressive automation.

Watch the video here.

The KNX partner who designed and commissioned this project, is Cre8 Electrical Solutions ( who are a London based smart home company. We met with their Director Mehmet Aslan who showed us round this gorgeous home.

Cre8 Electrical Solutions van on driveway

In every bathroom of the property a Motion Sensor 360 - KNX has been carefully placed to detect the moment someone enters. As soon as the user enters the room, the motion sensor triggers the lighting scene and brings on the lights. The timeouts are then carefully commissioned in the room to gently fade the lights out after the room has been vacated and has been empty for a suitable amount of time. Of course, careful testing was done to ensure there are no unwanted timeouts when the room is still in use.

Faradite KNX motion sensor in bathroom

During the night time, the motion sensor will trigger a different, night time scene in the room. In each bathroom there is a gentle, night time scene that only illuminates the low level light fittings so as not to dazzle the user. After the timeout (the night time timeout is actually configured to be slightly shorter than the day time timeout) the night time scene gently fades to off. 

In the uppermost, guest bathroom the Cre8 electrical solutions team also utilised the ‘Detection LED feedback’ parameter on the device. This handy features illuminates the front of the sensor with a red LED to signify the sensor is detecting motion. This can be handy in rooms that are often used by guests to signify the lighting is being automated and avoid any confusion.

Faradite KNX presence sensor with the LED detection LED on

When discussing the reasons behind opting for the Faradite motion sensor, Mehmut said “We chose to specify the Faradite KNX sensor mostly because of its tiny form factor. Our client was keen to automate the bathroom lighting, but did not want to see large, ugly motion sensors in the room. As the Faradite sensor is one of the smallest on the market, we thought it seemed like the ideal solution for this KNX system”

Faradite Motion Sensor 360 - KNX on a white ceiling with LED strip

This is a stunning home, and the automation delivered in each bathroom is beautifully done. The Faradite Motion sensor 360 KNX is utilising several of its many features to provide the homeowner with automated lighting that is dynamically responding to the time of day. 

For more information please feel free to reach out to the Faradite team today. 

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