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TAP-1 Brushed Copper

£ 47.25

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Its more than just a light switch. The TAP range is a collection of contemporary modern switch plates for use with 24V home automation systems.

Each switch plate uses touch sensors with vibration feedback to control your home and temperature sensors are built in as standard. We believe that knowing the temperature of each room is the key to an energy efficient smart home.

Keep it simple. The TAP-1 is perfect for those rooms where lighting and heating control is all you need.

We are very proud of our finishes which are engineered to precision with a finger proof coating and the ability to be engraved to further customise the switch (engraving metallic only).

Modern and minimalist capacitive touch switching

Simply Connects to Multiple Systems 

The TAP-5 can be connected to a Loxone smart home via Loxone Tree Technology or directly to a Loxone Miniserver.

connect via loxone tree

The TAP-5 connects directly to the Tree bus using a Nano DI Tree

Connect to Loxone Miniserver

The TAP-5 connects directly to the Miniserver using digital inputs


Temperature Sensor

All our switches come with a temperature sensor. Knowing the temperature of each room is the key to an energy efficient smart home

Touch Vibration

Our favourite feature - the TAP Range gives tactile vibration feedback at each touch, and works with double/triple click functions

24V DC

Compatible with Loxone and other 24V home automation systems

Digital outputs

Connects to the digital inputs of smart home automation systems, allowing your switch plate to control multiple devices

Available for UK and EU back boxes


technical specification


Measures temperatures from -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F) ±0.5°C accuracy from -10°C to +85°C Each device has a unique 64-Bit serial code stored in an on-board ROM

Wire Gauge

Conductor cross section min AWG 24 - max 20 AWG


60mm centre for UK & EU back boxes (please ensure that you select the correct variant for your country)

Easy access test points

The TAP-5 comes with easy-to-access test points which have been built in alongside the push-fit connectors allowing you to probe the digital outputs when installed